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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


4. 3
Interviews galore!

Next Day Tiro calls Jenny to tell her that his on his way to pick her up, she was still not sure what to wear until she decided to wear her traditional jumpsuit with a black blazer paired with white heels, when Tiro came she was as ready as a knife about to cut meat. Tiro complimented her and they left. She tried not to be bold about her dress code but tradition is bold. As they arrive Tiro left Jenny to her first interview.
She was still confused on how she'll get a chance to work in a corporate company with such small qualifications, she thought she doesn't have this one in a bag but will just try her luck. She being scared as usual but she was welcomed with open arms and was told that she'll get a call before the end of the week. The interview was short but too professional,  they wanted her to be a data capture, thinking she was dressed up for a higher post but that's what they were offering her never mind the business management quality. She went out to the mall to have a drink alone when she decided to call Tiro to inform him about the interview, he was not shocked but told her how she can make her way up after her qualifications, she told him she's on her way home as the interview drained her energy and get ready for another one at 13h00 when Tiro told her to come over to her place instead. When she arrived Tiro made lunch and bought her a suit to wear to her next interview, he told her to take his other car as it was close and no traffic cops around, it fitted her perfectly and went outside to see the car she's going to drive,

The Mazda 3

She was relieved that it's not a skorokoro(scrap car) but a proper car, she got in and test drove it with him and went to the interview, 
"This one must be big if Tiro lends me his car, she thought".
When she arrived Jenny was at a car dealership she blurted,  " This dealership is looking for a salesperson or an executive". It was quite strange for a person to find a job at a dealership,  she went in and was directed to the managers office, immediately the manager stood up for a handshake,
Manager: I've been waiting for you, close the door on your way in please thank you. You come recommended even though you lack qualifications, Tiro told me you want to do this part time cause you are studying right?
Jenny : Yes Sir.
Manager: Well option is a salesperson,  3 are needed and so far you're the first one that's if you want it?
Jenny : Yes Sir,  I'm eager to learn about the business.
Manager: Good, sign a contract and you'll get a call this week. Tiro told me you're a business management student at Orbit, tell me about it?
Jenny : It's been well my marks are good and I'm hoping for the best through finishing the Nateds.
Manager: Great keep it up and I'll be waiting for your N4 results when they come out, that's if you choose to work with us.

He thanked her for coming along and left, she looked sophisticated as most sales persons were staring at her lavish look, she got to Tiro's house to find him washing the car, she got out and had a sigh of relief.  She went to him and thanked him for putting in good words for her and making her look independent, she kissed him and went in to change to cook at least for him. When he was done with his car he went in to find Jenny cooking a home meal, she was so tired that her head was on the table trying to get some few rests. He sneaked up to check what she was exactly cooking, to find a soup of stew and Rice but they were not enough for two people,

Tiro : Hawu! Mos this food is for one person,  aren't you sleeping over kanti?
Jenny : Tiro you never asked me to sleep over  and tomorrow I'm going home I have to pack my things.
Tiro : Aw please come sleep over,  I'm also going to work tomorrow morning,  not seeing you tomorrow would strain my heart cause I'm not going to be seeing you for he rest of the week, mxm I hope one of the companies call you, you are already torturing my heart.
Jenny :*laughs*  I'll be back before you know it, I miss home, it's where my heart gets recharged, babies around, shouting here and there, cooking everyday for people that leave plates clean *laughs* its truly been a while,  I miss my parents babe, I just want to see how they are coping, that's short and how I'll be able to budget.
Tiro : You treating them like your babies?
Jenny : No, both of them are retired and my brothers kids stay with them, they could use their company.
Tiro : As for finishing plates that sounds like torture Lols.
Jenny : It's not, if I take my time to cook for you with my food I want you to finish the food its not torture but a sign of how good they are.
Tiro : Mmm... So you want me to gain weight just by eating your food?
Jenny : No, Eat and exercise.
Tiro : this is kinda good, I'll be going home and my mother would be surprised that I gained weight hehehe Amen! What about the sleep over? Can we at least go and pack stuff at your place and come with your bag here please.

That wasn't the problem, they went to her place and packed, tidied up the place and left. She had her learners for a while so it wouldn't be any in out of control and she drove. Tiro was chilling and Jenny was just looking at the traffic, she didn't want to make any mistakes, being in traffic for 30 minutes was called strain but they got out of it, arriving she got out and she felt nauseous and Tiro quickly was at her rescue and picked her up and took her to his bedroom, he gave her pills to have with water and then rested. Poor guy came with thermometer to measure her temperature,  she laughed and Tiro prayed and locked themselves in and watched TV in his room,  when she dosed off,  Tiro not being aware of that Jenny turned and pulled him closer, he laughed, pulled the throw on her and carried on watching TV. Later on Jenny's phone rang and it was her Father, Tiro wanted to answer it but just woke Jenny up to answer the phone,  Jenny was nervous that her father might be at her apartment,  she answered to her father, he just wanted feedback from her interview today which she told him about, he was giving Jenny that long distance support she wanted, he told her about funerals and her mother and kids send their greetings, she thanked him and said their good night's.
Tiro heard their conversion so he didn't need to ask her about it, he was glad and he dished up a huge plate fore the both of them and ate with forks, had their late shower and slept.

4.2 The Slay Ride

4. 2

They later were woken up by a knock on their door,  it was Room Service,  they missed breakfast so they brought them breakfast in their suite. They ate and got dressed, they went to sit with Puso and Philile to find her with strange marks on her neck and also scratches on Puso's arms, Tiro and Jenny knew that it's was tough and decided to let it go for a while, they went out for a walk and enjoyed the breeze from being on top of the mountain then went back to pack and leave.

Later on that afternoon they were on the road and we're too quiet this time, Philile sents Jenny a message on her phone,

"Girl, we need to talk like women, I can't even shut up about it, I keep on giggling every time I keep a straight face, tell Tiro to make it quick lapho"

Jenny laughed after reading the text and turned to see Philile giggling,  Tiro couldn't resist but ask why the secrecy, Jenny held his hand and guided the other to his lips and kissed his cheek, he started to accelerate and that's what they all wanted, including Puso. When they arrived at Puso's place, Philile was asked if she'd like to chill a bit with Puso which they both agreed, they stayed while Tiro was excited to be alone with Jenny as they were all tired, they decided to just be free about it. When they got in Tiro was all over Jenny like oil, she liked that and he guided her to the bedroom where he took off all her clothes and just tucked in bed and slept. Tiro woke up while Jenny was still fast asleep,  he wanted to surprise her,  he got closer and Jenny felt his hood hard as a rock but just pretended to be asleep,  he slid it, he could feel her breath becoming heavier,  he continued, Jenny turned and got on top, she gave him a slay ride he will talk about to his future girlfriends (if there will be),  she went out and to the bathroom and vomited,  she said she could feel it on her throat,  she went back got dressed and Layed there.

Tiro went in, showered and got dressed, took Jenny to her apartment where they both sat and talked about their own future lives,

Jenny : You Know Tiro,  sex never was in my good books, seeking pleasure through it would give me so much pain, I spent a year without opening up and I sure can start over and double the year, I wish for a car and a house that I own, I wish to have conquered everything that ever made me happy,  dating footballers,  go bungy jumping,  living lavishly spending more cash on myself without even regretting, being independent and successful is all I ask for from God, love can come later or now but not the way of distracting me to a better future,  Success, hope, faith and love, my road has too many potholes to bare but if I had to sacrifice one thing for God to grand me all, I would.

Tiro : Well I guess we're not the same, you young and energetic,  I'm just too perfect, I'm well groomed to be the person I'm not but I had to try to enjoy it, I used to love things I can't do that's why I'm where I am today, I had it all, all of it, family and a good job,  I messed it up, I lost it but I'm still standing hoping to find someone worth telling the story to, someone like you Jenny.

They shared their differences for few hours till Tiro told Jenny about trying to get more sleep. They said their goodbyes and Tiro left. She tried to sleep but it seemed like Philile could tell that she's in. She came in and couldn't stop telling Jenny about Puso and how wonderful he is, she thanked her for the hook up  and decided not to leave on Monday morning but during the week.


Day 1 Week 4

She went in and told Philile that she's no longer going home, she was surprised that she's not going home anymore so quick but she told her that she has to meet people for jobs which was true and she got off her case, Jenny told Philile that Tiro and her will take her to the taxi rank on Monday, she thanked her and Jenny asked Philile to give her a minute as she wants to inform her parents about her meetings but it was still morning so she had to call both of her parents separately as her father was just at home and the mother was still at the day care.

She did and her father was not happy about it but he had to understand that she had to stand on her own ground, he accepted just to see where she's going to end up. As any parents would ask, they asked if she had enough groceries as she was staying alone in her room, she told them she's fine and she'll see them on Wednesday afternoon latest. She went back and had a heartfelt time with Philile and enjoyed till Philile told her to dress up and go to the mall,  since Philile was the one that asked for her company, she decided to just wear a flowey dress with a poncho paired with some sandals, Philile just wore a flowey dress too with a blazer and sandals, they were just going to have quality time till Jenny decided to tell Tiro about her outing with Philile, he was at work otherwise he was going to gatecrash their time, he told Jenny that he'll come fetch her and Philile later on to spend time as his friend also wanted to have fun, she agreed and told Philile the plan, she was surprised but as long as she's going to have fun,  she agreed, they went to watch 2 movies and go get some desserts, Jenny and her desserts were 1 combo never to be separated, so when they were about to order Tiro called to ask where they were and she told him they're having dessert, immediately saying that Tiro knew where they were and he told her that he's bringing his friend along, a few minutes later they arrived and they found Jenny and Philile laughing and giggling like two babies being stroked in the right places, they join them and Tiro introduced her friend to Jenny and Philile as Puso, he was darker than Tiro but still good looking, Philile was all smiles as she just winked to Jenny and hugged Puso, thanked Jenny and Tiro for the good hook up, Puso orders a beer and Tiro ordered what Jenny was having, her dessert was still full but when his dessert came Jenny switched them but ended up sharing both desserts at the end, Philile commended them for their love and cravings but just admired it.

Puso was calm and was just social when he's asked questions, he complimented Philile of her dress and he kept on drinking his beer, Tiro didn't want to be left out from the complimentaries as he complemented Jenny for her beautiful smell and kissed her on the neck. They all had fun, laughed and Puso blended and and opened up till it was time to go, they all went on a two day trip and settled at hunter's rest for accommodation, two main suite booked and paid for by compliments to Tiro,  they just had fun, played cards and gave Philile and Puso space so that they can know each other better,  Jenny and Tiro also had their own quality time in their en suite by the balcony, he was busy playing karaoke on Wiz Khalifa's song "Up" in the hotel gown sliding on the tiles with his socks,  Jenny enjoyed seeing him being playful it helped her relax too, when they decided to join them again and play cards, smoke cigars on ice, they were nowhere to be found and made it their mission to know what they were up to, they rushed to check the only room they booked which was the en suite they were going to sleep in, to find it with a "occupied" card outside, they left there with smiles and Tiro pulled her to the open patio, she sat on him and they kissed. They also decided to try it out as it will be their first, they've been dodging the bullet but not this night,  she did her best not to think about her lining and just did it, Tiro didn't seem bothered as he also enjoyed and wanted to go on.

He got off and Jenny went to the shower, Tiro went in to find her on the floor crying but trying to hide it behind the water, she just didn't want to open it to everyone she met, surgery is expensive she thought. Tiro thought she was good and perfect but it worried Jenny,  she got out and went to lotion herself and her lingerie that Tiro bought for her and wrapped herself with the gown, Tiro watched her getting dressed and lotioning herself, she tried to pass Tiro but wouldn't let her as he just loved her for what she was, a natural, Jenny found it hard to agree with him but just accepted and waited for him to finish so that they can go eat. They went out and met Philile and Puso all blushing and giggling,  they sat, ate, played cards and had cigars on ice then went to sleep.

The next day Jenny made sure she woke up early to see the sunrise in the middle of mountains,  such a beautiful view which she  woke Tiro up to share the moment with him, her excitement amazed Tiro that he fetched the chairs and made coffee and sat out the balcony and just watch it slowly rising, the blue, purple and orange sun burst colours does it for Tiro, he never realised how beautiful Rustenburg is till this very moment Jenny showed him, they drank their coffee and enjoyed,  funnily they were all smiles when they decided to go back in bed,
The sun made your morning you see?, Jenny said.
Tiro: My Morning, My day, actually the site of the mountains and the morning sun made me wish that this moment could just last forever, You Made my life that's what I have realized this morning, the smallest moments, I love you and i have bigger plans for you baby.
Jenny: I love you too.
They dosed off again in each others arms.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Post 10

How to make positive moves in your business.

It is not easy having a Business that needs maintenance,  I remember saying this in my previous post. Making sure your business does not fall and it stable you'll need a few positive ways to to keep up.

●Being Positive.  Remember it is your business you run it, every decision you take, will affect your business so choose wisely.
●Being Calm. It takes time to build a solid foundation for a business, patience is key in many aspects.
●Being Smart. What ever you do, do it for the best interest of your business.
● Act like the Boss. You're in charge and you should act that way.
● Always look presentable. Being a manager forces you to look and feel clean, it boosts your confidence and you never know, you might be sitting next to your potential client in a flight.

This will boost your confidence in every task ahead of you.
Click this link to help you with your business

7 Ways To Implement Strategy in the Workplace

Implementing is key to most business.  Here are 7 ways on how to implement strategy in a workplace.

●Developing a growth strategy. Each business brings risks, uncertainty and effort. A business is forced to take action in a for of preservation. This strategy only allows you to take one step at a time towards climbing the ladder of a successful business.

●Communicating Strategy. In order to run a smooth company, there has to be good communication skills between employers and employees in a business so that everyone understands what is best for the company.

●Measuring performance skills. This strategy will give competition within the business of who has the best idea or proposal for the company, which leads to active and responsive employees.

●Motivational Leadership. People tend to look at motivators to bring meaning. Leadership is the common thread which runs through the entire process of translating strategy into results and is key to engaging people.

●Strategy into action. This will enable organisations to turn strategic intent to results in process.

●Management capabilities.  In order to trust your team, you need to affirm their qualities and ability of management skills to lead the team to success.

●Market Development and penetration. Resources and research is needed when it comes to understanding the marketing strategy,  it is key to know what you're about to sink your ship in before getting all ahead with the wrong things.

Through this ways, your business is one step ahead to its own success. It is not easy to have a business which needs maintenance,  but it is easier when you understand rules you need to know and avoid to help you through.

Importance of Strategy in a Business by Jeanette Lekgabe

Having a Business Strategy for your Business is key to every creative business. A business strategy includes various principles any company needs to get ahead in achieving their goals for certain years to come. I will be basing this article blog on the importance of having a Business Strategy in a Business.

Every Business is entitled to having its own flaws and not every business gets it right the first time, this is where a business strategies need to be re-evaluated, re-started and established it a waterproof and solid structure. Here are some ways to shatterproof your business strategy,

●It is important in every business that employees have a clear understanding of the goals the business has, the direction it takes and the vision it has to to help the business along the way in the future.

●Competition is key in a business, Test the waters a bit and understand the game, having competition gives business progress  and understanding of evaluating each and every surface of the company business.

●It carves a unique and modern path of today's living. Modern living and trends give out different opportunities that are unique to businesses to expand in other sectors of business, Modern creativity brings out uniqueness which is key in many businesses to avoid being compared to other businesses.

● Being a step ahead. In a business, competitiveness keeps employees on their feet. The more creative ideas implemented in the business, the more businesses follow in your footsteps creating advanced creativity in the business.

I hope this may come in handy for most people. I therefore invite you to visit to download a free article titled "7 ways to implement strategy in the workplace" which will help you in understanding more about business strategies and what you can implement in the workplace.


Sunday, 9 April 2017

Black, Brown, Coffee or Whatever! Just don't treat me differently

Hi Everyone!

Today is yet another blessed day where my Article was featured on Whoop whoop!!!

Do enjoy reading it!!