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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Black, Brown, Coffee or Whatever! Just don't treat me differently

Hi Everyone!

Today is yet another blessed day where my Article was featured on Whoop whoop!!!

Do enjoy reading it!!


Thursday, 6 April 2017


Jenny woke up half naked the next day, no babalas just a very clear vision of what happened last night, Tiro came into the room and told Jenny to go bath as he ran her a bath and extra towels and gown were there, he had it planned, when Jenny got out she found a designer dress on the bed, Tiro wanted her to wear it but she didn't want,  he insisted and pushed till she did, it fitted her perfectly and just used Tiro's stuff and slippers, Tiro wasn't going to work so he decided to go out with her to buy her shoes and a bag for her dress, MNG seemed like the way to go and he bought her that, they went back home and made breakfast. Tiro asked when he should take her back, which she said anytime, it's not like she had anything to do, she was waiting for people to answer her for a job, which Tiro insisted to help her also with that, as he knows a lot of corporate business that need help with staff and pay well, talking about 7K and above, she agreed,  he made a few calls and they said they'll get back to him, Jenny asked him what he really wants from her as she knows her story and he just said "Love Me". He was sad about it she understood,  she got a call back and told him that there are vacancies that don't really want a lot, just your matrix, they emailed it and told them that she'll be answered tomorrow.

They both went out to eat breakfast,  Jenny looked like a woman who's been married for more than 3 years, she had Tiro's slippers as her timbers were not matching her outfit, Tiro made her look like a first lady, her braids were low and was wearing his shades. They had breakfast and went shopping,  what was just a pair of shoes and a bag, turned out to be a real shopping for two. Once they were in their middle of their spree, Tiro got a call and asked to be excused when Jenny was starring desperately to a pair of Necklace and ring, she loved it but couldn't afford it, Tiro watched her as she was staring at the pieces, and asked her what she'd like to do before he takes her back to her apartment, she couldn't think of any but takeaways for herself and she'll ask Philile to come join her. Tiro loved the sight of seeing her smile, she lit it everywhere she went, even the people around would just smile because she's smiling. He made her feel alive and like a lady. Later they were already on their way back to his place to pick up her clothes she wore last night, Tiro went up while Jenny tidied up the place, she was now confused why he was taking time in his bedroom,  she went up after she finished to find her long gone with sleep,  she went down, prepared food for him and waited for him to wake up, when he did Jenny was asleep in the lounge, he kissed her, the same kiss woke her up and hugged him.

He picked her up and swung her around, she woke up completely and laughed, she tied her hair to the top and fetched her things from up stairs,  Tiro took the house keys and car keys and they left. When they arrived at Jenny's apartment Tiro kissed Jenny while caressing Jenny's thigh slowly to her desire, she laughed and stopped the moment, he laughed too, they both came out and took the plastics out while smiling to find Philile at Jenny's apartment,  they both hugged and waited for Jenny to unlock her room, as neat as it was she thought it was becoming clustered,  Philile sat down and tears ran out,
Jenny : Keng(what*) love what's wrong?
Philile: Jenny something happened,  I have to go home
Jenny: It's holidays,  you have to go home, you'll find me here when you come back.
Philile: Jenny my Dad is being accused of drugs and his accounts have been ceased, court granted him bail of 40K and the family has been receiving warning letters, they said we must leave him for a while, my college accommodation payment and school payment Jenny who will we count on as out accounts were all ceased.
Jenny : Lile(*short for Philile) you have to be strong, I'll come up with suggestions that might help you pay your yearly fees and monthly accommodation fee.

Tiro saw how helpful Jenny Is to not only Philile but other people around her, Jenny turned to him and guided him to the parking lot outside, Tiro gave her a hug and admiring kiss then left. Jenny was alone with Philile and did not really know what to do or even say, Philile's Mother called to tell her not to worry as she had a business on the side and was saving its income for such situations, her bills will be paid in full so that she must not worry about anything and how she planned to bail his father out and send him away for a while while she runs his businesses. This made things at least go back to normal for her but she knew she had to find something else to do in her own situation, but didn't know what, Jenny reminded her of her fathers connections and how they might work for her. That was the plan that she had to count on. That made Philile feel much better and want to visit home for a few days to speak to her mother, Jenny also thought that it was a good thing to also go home and visit her parents as she knew she had to tell them what she wants to do, they were all leaving on Monday morning as Philile had to catch a taxi to Sosha. They decided to make their own party and just drink wine when suddenly Tiro called her and ask her where she'll be next week,
I'm going home for a week to tell them my plans, she said.
Tiro : Can you make that 3 days baby, 3 companies here in rustenburg want to meet you regardless of your qualifications,  they've seen your small resume. The interviews will be on Monday till Wednesday and if they like how you look by Friday they might call you to come on the following Monday.
Jenny : I was planning to go home mos.
Tiro: Well they'll see you on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning the latest and you might even come back on Sunday afternoon,  I'll come and fetch you if you want.
Jenny agreed and settled with calling her parents instead.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Inde kotini

Writing her last exam today, she decided to call Tiro as he did have whatsapp but was hardly online, to tell him about her exams as she was writing her last one today, he said he was busy but he'll make sure he'd call her back, They dropped.
She wrote her last exam and avoided alot of people talking about the paper, Philile saw her walking out of the exam room and couldn't call her, she vanished in the crowd and went to catch a cab to the mall,  she went to buy herself some wine (3 boxes) and some mini grocery things when her phone rang, 
Hey, it's Tiro, where are you can I pick you up?
Jenny : Hey, I'm at the mall buying few stuff.
Tiro : Ok tell me where I should wait for you.
Jenny : Uhmmm at entrance 3, I'll have to buy more things ke just for safety.
Tiro laughed and told her to wait for him.

Few minutes later Tiro came wearing a white shirt and pants, while Jenny was just wearing hippy long skirt and a pair of white shirt. She wore to her moods, Tiro came along from behind and took her trolley she smiled and made a list while Tiro was acting like a baby.  She then catches up and did her shopping, when they were on their way to the till Tiro asked her if she's forgetting anything, she remembered her wine but just took a bottle and went to pay,

Teller: That's R 788, 56
When she was about to take out her card,
Tiro, I'll pay don't worry.
Jenny : well thank you.
They were done and Jenny saw what she would love to wear but not able to, it's too expensive Tiro smiled and hugged her waist. Got to the car and they put them in the boot and left, she got a message from Philile that Bandile was in and was taking Nancy out, she wanted to break but didn't Tiro took her phone and read it himself,
" Yoh Girl how I wish you could see what's happening right now, where are you? Bandile is taking Nancy out and the trash doesn't have the nerve she's wearing one of the dresses Bandile's parents sent you, yoh."
Tiro: So this is the guy neh? Leave him, don't think about him, it will just fade away in no time.
Jenny just kept quiet, Tiro held her hand and gave back her phone.
When they arrived, Jenny decided to go open her room as Tiro followed him with some of the grocery,  when they walked back they bumped into Bandile and Nancy,  wearing the Gold gown,
Bandile : That didn't take take time to replace me
Jenny wanted to beat him up and rearrange the dress, but just smile as Tiro was there and was too formal about it,
Tiro: And who's this?
Jenny : This is Bandile and Nancy.
Tiro: Oh the...?  * turned to Bandile* Your Parents got taste, *touched the gown* nice gown, Jenny kana it was supposed to be yours neh?
Nancy: does it matter, she wouldn't have rocked it the way I am anyway .
It was she replied.
Tiro laughed, it shows how other people would die to get to wear other people's clothes. He pulled her and held her tightly and left. Bandile stood there with guilt and Nancy as a gold digger. Shame.
Tiro sat on his boot and asked Jenny to turn and sit on him and pretend to be love birds. Bandile and Nancy  passed them all smiles, he went to open for her and when he was about to come to his door, he saw Jenny and Tiro sharing a passionate kiss. He looked and passed, closed his door and started the car, Jenny thanked Tiro but he didn't want to let go,
Tiro : You're a great kisser you know.
She thanked him and Philile shouted,
" Ya'll gave them the sweetest beating ever! Ayeye!"
They both smiled and carried on to her room. Tiro helped her unpack and asked her to change into something comfortable as he was going to cook for her . Jenny paired her jeans with a vest top, timbers,  Adidas hoodie and a beanie,  she let her braids loose, Tiro loved her sense of clothing and they were on their way, Tiro promised to cook a 3 course meal for her, they made their way to the other side of town. Jenny decided to play her tracks,

Chymamusique - Hold On Feat. Siya

She just so Tiro's head nodding, traffic stopped and he was on the clap and tap tip, she laughed at him and after few minutes they arrived and started cooking, Jenny applauded him for having a nice house he stayed in one of those security estate houses. Tiro had no idea what to cook and told Jenny to feel home. While he was trying to find recipes online, Jenny went to check his music library, ran into Tamia and decided to play it. He had a open kitchen to the lounge, so Jenny started playing her favourite Tamia song "So Into You",  she took off her timbers and put them behind the door, and started to clap, dance and took of her hoodie and danced, she just forgot about Tiro and danced, laughed stopped and started thinking. Started to fold her top and made a crop out of it, she sang, Tiro enjoyed it and went to join him, they danced playfully and ended up in each others hands dancing in slow motion.

After the song finished their lips were sealed when Tiro picked Jenny up and put her on the counter and gave her grapes, Ruben Studdard came on and still  the motion was good for both of them. Jenny peeled, chopped and diced what he was going to cook. He did his thing in the kitchen, it was 14h00 and still no food, he poured her red wine and she drank it like it was nothing. Kem came on and she went nuts! He insisted Tiro to dance with him, he had to look after the pots while dancing with Jenny.  She took baby steps and sang along. Tiro loved her presence, it's what he wanted,  he lacked that company and Jenny made it for him. Starter was done and had to make the dessert so he cancelled the main. Dessert was already bought so they had the starter and Jenny applauded him for it but she had to wash the dishes for him. She did and he dried them. And they watched TV, it was just mere shapes, he went to to dessert with was chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate muffins. Jenny was on air, she loved the dessert and asked for the muffins as a takeaway.  After the meals she fixed herself and wore her hoodie as it was becoming chilly, she went to fix herself in Tiro's bathroom and found papers nje but didn't mind as it wasn't her business,  she went back to find Tiro drinking whisky and he refilled her glass of wine sitting watching TV, she joined him and he wrapped herself with his hands. Tiro told Jenny about himself and what he has been through and Jenny did to , both enjoyed sharing their problems but were still hungry, he offered to chill in bed and they both grabbed snacks,  fruits and their drinks and headed to Tiro's bedroom. They watched TV there, laughed, they both were tipsy and ended up locked in each others arms,  they dosed off and. Jenny woke up half naked, no babalas just a very clear vision of what happened last night, Tiro came into the room and told Jenny to go bath as he ran her a bath and extra towels and gown were there, he had it planned, when Jenny got out she found a designer dress on the bed, Tiro wanted her to wear it but she didn't want,  he insisted and pushed till she did, it fitted her perfectly and just used Tiro's stuff and slippers, Tiro wasn't going to work so he decided to go out with her to buy her shoes and a bag for her dress, MNG seemed like the way to go and he bought her that, they went back home and made breakfast. Tiro asked when he should take her back, which she said anytime, it's not like she had anything to do, she was waiting for people to answer her for a job, which Tiro insisted to help her also with that, as he knows a lot of corporate business that need help with staff and pay well, talking about 7K and above, she agreed,  he made a few calls and they said they'll get back to him, Jenny asked him what he really wants from her as she knows her story and he just said "Love Me". He was sad about it she understood,  she got a call back and told him that there are vacancies that don't really want a lot, just your matrix, they emailed it and told them that she'll be answered tomorrow. 

Introducing Tiro

The clothes were nice and expensive, the fabrics and tailings. She packed them and put them in her wardrobe. Silence took place... until Bandile said he was leaving and Jenny just let him leave just like that.
She was confused and out of words, she ended up buried in her books again till she dosed off.

She was woken up by a call from her mother,  she was so lonely yet her voice filled with peace and warmth, just what Jenny needed. She was just checking on her and reminded her to always pray every time things were blurry for her, ( when was the last time a chick prayed phela?) They smiled and laughed when airtime had to just spoil the moment,  they said their goodbyes and parted. She stood up from her chair to fetch water and get into her bed when she met someone outside in the kitchen, it was Philile her neighbour saying how her mate locked her outside and can't get in, it wasn't the first time Philile came to her about this, Jenny decided to go out with Philile and disguise herself as someone asking for help. When they got there Jenny knocked and could hear mourns, she knocked louder and a voice echoed,  who's there? If it's you Philile go sleep outside I'm busy here.
Jenny : No Nancy,  I can hear your Very busy I just need your help just for a sec, you'll commence with what you are doing please.
She unlocked and she budged in to find Bandile in Nancy's bed, her jaw dropped,
Oh so you eating somewhere else I see . she said and told Philile to take the things she'll use for tomorrow and pj's She, she took Nancy's room keys and went  to her room took what Bandile's family bought for her and threw them on him, she gave Nancy the ring, when she was about to walk out, she turned around and looked around, Nancy's voice was on mute, she turned and walked out, Bandile was so scared, he didn't know what to do, he Layed there. Jenny left Nancy's keys on the counter, when she got to her room she was quiet and Layed Philile few blankets and told her that there's chicken rice in the fridge if she was hungry, she declined and bother went to sleep,  Jenny was just not able to put one and one together,  she slept.
She was woken up by Philile who made her breakfast,  she was the sweetest girl ever, she wondered when was the last time she was made breakfast in bed, she went to brush her teeth and came back and ate. Philile thanked her for what she did,
Jenny: well we both gained Philile,  I was going to help you out and at the end I ended up helping myself, so it's ok, we just have to call your parents and and to the reception and report what happened.
They agreed and went to fix themselves and go to school, it was the first time Jenny eye lined her eye lids with a thick black colour, it suited her and wore her boyfriend blazer paired with torn jeans and timbers. She just couldn't carry on without doing nothing, they went to school to ask if there was a possibility for her to get her own room as her partner locks her out. She filled some papers and they went to grab drinks at Waterfall Mall. They decided to chill there and not go home early. It was still morning and this time next music was jazzy

Heather Johnson - Kiss Kiss Kiss

Jenny's started to think deeply, and the unexpected happened, tears flowed like it was just something. Their orders came and she just wanted a jam jar, she drank and decided to go home, lady work her shades and walked out of the mall, they met a guy who was offering to take them home, but we're not in the mood,  but he insisted, he introduced himself as Tiro, Jenny wanted to sit at the back but he hurried to open the front passenger seat for her, she hesitated and saw Philile smiling and got in, she put on her seat belt and looked outside, her mind was roaming around in different places until, Tiro touched her hand,
Jenny: Sorry, I have a lot on my mind, what were you saying?
Tiro: Well your friend told me your name, what seems to be troubling you Jenny?  Since you're so quiet.
Jenny smiled a bit and told him that it was nothing she can't handle.
She started to take over from Philile by directing Tiro,  since it was 12 noon, she asked Philile to take all her stuff and move them in her room since Nancy and both of them aren't talking to each other. Tiro wanted to know why and Philile told him how Jenny saved her from such trouble and how kind she is to let her stay in her small room till her room is sorted. As they entered Tiro wanted to see for himself which Philile agreed and the security guard let him in.
When they arrived,  Tiro went with Jenny instead of Philile and she looked at her like (WTF), she unlocked and got in, Tiro looked from the kitchen how neat her room was and how she had less stuff but just her books, Jenny asked him to come in as soon as she opened the windows. Tiro sat down on the desk chair, she offered him something to drink,  Tea, Coffee, Roiboos, Espresso, Wine or even juice, he laughed and Jenny was serious,
Tiro: Are you serious?
Jenny : Yes I am.
Tiro: Espresso please.
Jenny : With Rusks, biscuits or Muffins?
Tiro: Yoh! Mos You're a Café, *laughs*, biscuits please.
She played DukeSoul's album softly and went to the kitchen, she came back with a tray with all things including hot milk.
He thanked her and Philile arrived with her things, she took of her Timbers and wore her slippers, she made space in her cupboard and wardrobe to make space for Philile's things. After they were done Tiro wanted to speak to Jenny privately, Philile went out with the tray and left them alone,
Tiro: Thank you for a lovely breakfast, my company I work in is offering internships to college students,  it's a management businesses dealing with cars and all, we need executives to promote and to financial work, are you interested that's if you are studying financial management or business management? 
Jenny : I've been trying to find work since the school is about to close for holidays, mind if I just print it out for you?  I didn't pass well in high school but in college is better, mind if I just give you my latest results and statement for now and I'll give you my results as soon as they are out?
Tiro : No problem, I think you should hang on to your cv for now, I'd like your numbers first and we'll take it from there.
Jenny : I hope you not looking for what I'm thinking of?
Tiro : Well you're not in a good condition to think about that! But I'm not, I saw you as fit for such position.
They exchanged numbers and walked him to his Audi A4 and walked back.
Philile was excited for her as if he's Jenny's new boyfriend.
She ignored her and just kept things to herself.
Days passed by living with Philile in her room when there was a vacant space and Philile moved in to it, she later thanked Jenny by buying her a coffee machine as she her parents were loaded, Jenny personally went to thank her and that she knows where she is every time she wanted to talk, she stayed in another block. Time passed and exams came and went too, she received flowers from the security guards at the gate and there was a letter,

"After the exams, I'll be waiting for you, 
Either the day, I'd be watching you like I am now."

After the letter she smiled and looked outside, and saw nothing, she went back in to put the flowers in water and went back to find Tiro waiting for her at the gate. They hugged and he offered to take her to college, he dropped her off and asked if he can have dinner with her at his place some other time which Jenny told him after her exams. He left and she went in.

The unexpected presents


Jenny just wasn't in the mood for people today, she did her laundry, went to brush her teeth and eat breakfast since its going to be a long day, she decided to study as it was peaceful in the compound. She took out her books, made a shake, grab snacks and went back to bed to study.
Till 14h00
Then break.
She decided to go out and get some fresh air and to stretch her legs . She turned to her phone and one message from Will,
"I hope the exam are treating you better than last year and you handling it like a G like I taught you, good luck with the rest of the exams and I'll come personally to check on you soon, love you lots and tots, Will"

She smiled and tucked her phone in and stood by the varenda, she loved the view as Rustenburg is a mountainous place, she loved it. Since She hasn't received any messages from Bandile she went back and placed her phone far as studying is about to commence. She made notes, she memorised, she heard giggles outside her door and went to take a peak, it was her  2neighbours with 2 other guys from opposite apartment, Jenny laughed as they thought they were sneaking out, she opened her door and stood there and laughed to see all of them high and drunk, one guy couldn't even buckle his pants shame. She went to make herself a cup of coffee and Bandile walked in, hawu! Aren't you suppose to be in Mpumalanga by now? She asked surprisingly.
Couldn't make it but told my mum that cause of work so she said she'll postpone the date and make it another time as it was important for her kids to be all there. He replied.

Since he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon she hugged him and asked if he wanted coffee which he agreed, she made him coffee too and went to her room to find her busy studying,
Bandile : So you were studying?  For how long have you been studying?
Jenny : As you can see, I started at 10h00 and now it's about 17h23.
Bandile : Yoh you really have to chill, give your brain time aw Hai!
Jenny avoided him and asked him if he wants Rusks with his Coffee which he declined and drank his coffee in silence, he asked to he excused as he was busy feggiting, he wanted to ask Jenny something but doesn't know how.
He went to his car and grabbed a suit cover, 3 small boxes and 2 medium boxes all wrapped and went back to her room she looked surprised when Bandile said it's from his parents and him too they said I should tell them if you accepted their gifts.
3 small boxes were shoes from his mum.
2 medium boxes were dresses from his father.
And the suit cover had 2 designer dresses and a suit from Bandile.

"This is a surprise honestly, did you take me shoe side and dress size and give it to your parents? You want me to have a heart attack? "She asked him.
"Well they want to meet you and dad has high hopes about you that's why I took your sizes. They going to be in a function in Milpark and asked us to come." He replied calmly.
Jenny was shocked and was about to burst! She kept quiet and drank her coffee. Bandile got a call from his mother,
Bandile : Mama.
Mum : Unjani lapho Bandi?
Bandile : Ngi'khona Ma
Mum: Ok mchana, I hope your lady liked what I sent her?
Bandile : She's shocked, she almost passed out, but she's greatful.
Mum : Ok ke, let me leave you to it, will see you soon

They said their goodbyes and dropped the phone.

Back back back

Hey Readers!

I've been having difficulties arranging my stories but I'm back now!
I'm back at it and continuing with it. Thanks for the inboxes and posts

Love you all

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Took time

Hey my lovely readers!

It's been a while since I actually posted, I've been trying to find a job which I'm hoping it will come soon... I've also decided to do what I always wanted to do which is studying, so... I applied at Rhodes University and I'm hoping that by mid year I'll be starting with my classed. Yay!
Bad news is that I don't have money to pay for my tuition hence why I need a job really badly.
ETHNOMUSICOLOGY is the course I'm looking forward to studying.

Love you guys.